Actress Chahatt Khanna has launched her fashion label. She says a portion of the earnings will go to a foundation to help women in need.
The brand has outfits made of sustainable fabric. At least five per cent of the earnings will reportedly be going to charity.
“We are a brand that want to break the stereotype and help women be the best version of themselves. A part of the earnings will be going to a foundation to help women in need,” she said.
“This is an Indian brand which aims to give what women in India deserve. We are live now,” she added.
She recently took to Instagram to share about her new project.
Posting a photo of her in a summery dress with a denim jacket, she wrote: “They say we have only 10 years to save this planet, so I started now with Ammarzo — Future of Fashion, a conscious fashion brand who supports an NGO and believes in sustainable fabrics, eco friendly, ethical and cruelty-free fashion. Come join me , lets follow the new way of living.”